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Hansen SD Stripper - NYHED 2019

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Hansen SD Stripper

The Stripper SD spoon is a unique designed lure - with an unparalleled catch statistic! With the SD version, Kent Andersen, have trimmed the action to perform even better. The big lively swinging action, unique shaking and vibrating motion, combined with 360 rotation on spin stop, leaves no predator uninterested! Turn the stripper around and you have a great €œSpoon Spinner€ with a deadly action in rivers and streams. The Stripper has become religion and the first choice for many serious anglers throughout Northern Europe. The 50mm micro version is superior behind a Bombarda casting float and in P&T trout lakes. The Stripper SD comes fitted with doubled forged spilt rings and fine wired Black nickel tournament treble hook. The Stripper SD are made from 314Stainles steel. Kent Andersen have developed Stripper

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